Event type Online event

Ligther-Than-Air Aviation Systems: Contributing to the EU Green Deal

In this web-meeting, a complete update is provided of the most strategic Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) platforms/ airship approaches in developments in Canada/France (the Flying Whales initiative), Germany (Hybrid Airplane), Belgium (Flywin Project), Switzerland/USA (Sceye) and South-Africa (Flycouldline).

It is demonstrated that LTA platforms could decarbonise current aviation activities for cargo and surveillance and monitoring. Explored will be whether and how the European Green Deal will help in the decisive upscaling of LTA Technology.

European Institutional Partners (European Commission DG RTD, DG Transport), governments (Quebec) start-ups and key expert institutes participate in the debate. A European/International platform U-LTA is presented to shape and enhance the upscaling of the LTA technology