Event type Conference

LOW-CARB Final Conference

How to plan low carbon mobility and transport systems?! 

Join partners and external experts of the InterregCE LOW-CARB Project on June 23rd when they present highly relevant resources, tools, lessons, and pilots that were produced over the 3 years of their EU project!

About the project:
LOW-CARB is a transnational project in Central Europe increasing the planning capacities of organisations and city governments to transition to low-carbon mobility. Its tackles burning issues of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning by introducing several new LOW CARBON pilot measures accross Central Europe. 

Planning strategies, monitoring and evaluation tools, and action plans have been developed for these pilot actions, and thereafter specially adapated for wider audiences to use in their regions' transport and mobility contexts. 

Join a WEBINAR or in-person, to learn how Central Europe is leapfrogging its way into low-carbon futures, and empowering others to join the journey too!