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Open Education for SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy

The main aim of the Open Education for SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy virtual event is to present and discuss the importance of Open Education for creating a better world and especially for supporting the achievement of the key targets of SDG7 (Sustainable Development Goal Nr. 7: Affordable and Clean Energy).

At this virtual event, the energy-related open educational projects of the global mentoring program Open Education for a Better World (OE4BW) 2019/2020 will be introduced and presented by the program initiators, the developers and their expert mentors who have this year joined their ideas, knowledge and skills in the SDG7 Hub of the OE4BW program.

The event will consist of three parts:

- in the first, introductory part, the high-level invited speakers will share their insights regarding the energy policy perspectives, relating to the SDG7,

- in the second part, an experts panel will follow, presenting expert's views on selected topics, e.g. energy and climate data and open courseware, energy skills and knowledge, role of citizen engagement and educational ecosystem, open licensing of energy-related educational materials etc. (see event agenda for details),

- and in the third, final part the OE4BW SDG7 Hub developers will present their work and motivate the final discussion on the importance of Open Education to achieve the SDG7 (and several related SDGs) targets until 2030.

The virtual event will take place in the OE4BW online collaboration environment, powered by the MiTeam.eu. Participation will be free of charge but prior registration into the collaboration platform will be required. The link will be published on the OE4BW website soon.

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Mitja Jermol, UNESCO Chair on Open Tecnologies for OER and Open Laerning

Tanja Urbančič, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Mojca Drevenšek, Consensus Communications and EN-LITE Society

Jennryn Wetzler, Creative Commons