Event type Conference

Photovoltaic self-consumption in a new regulatory rule

The self-consumption photovoltaic market in Spain has gone through different phases in the last 10 years. From a determined bet and a support by the Public Administration to a nearly penalty and a fall in ostracism. Currently, it seems the scenery has changed. Mainly, due to legislative changes that will probably help resurgence of photovoltaic consumption. Taking advantage of this new situation and celebrating the year's Energy Day of 2019, the Department of Ecology, Agriculture and Animal Welfare of the City Council of Palma is going to conduct a conference which will try to show citizenry how the field of investment in the photovoltaic self-consumption has been clarified, in order to create new opportunities for energy savings that arise in relation to self-consumption. In addition, the conference will be the perfect place to share experiences of citizens who had installed their self-consumption system with the new legislation in force.