Event type Workshop

Pilot Scheme 1 Programme on Happy Localities: a holistic approach to energy.

Disconnecting energy from the multitude of tangible and intangible components that together make up this miniature world of its own that is a given locality would be artificial and therefore deceptive. Identifying, disentangling and understanding how the network of networks of these components interact and influence each other to determine the citizens' happiness at local, regional, national, continental and world levels is not only essential but also very complex and painstakingly slow. Problem: the world is a huge network of localities. A methodology needs to be devised that would facilitate the holistic muticultural integrated interdisciplinary assessment of any locality in the world, in other words establishing a profile and aetiological diagnosis for subsequent optimal treatment in record time. The Unit in charge of establishing a profile (or aetiological diagnosis) is called the Local Diagnostics (or Profile) Unit. The workshop shall explore how we can set this up together.


Vivian R. F. Linssen