Event type Workshop

Raising the bar for Level(s) - Architects' feedback from the Pilots

Since 2015, the EU Commission has been developing Level(s) – a voluntary framework of indicators to facilitate the assessment of the environmental performance of buildings along their life cycle. While the EU Commission is currently running a test phase of Level(s), the objective of this session is to bring together architects and professionals of the built environment for a debate around the following questions:

  • What is the potential of Level(s) to support sustainable architectural quality?
  • What is the first feedback from pilots?
  • What barriers have encountered architects in getting data to carry out a Level(s) assessment? 

On this occasion, a study commissioned by the ACE will be presented, the purpose of which is to summarise a holistic, architectural perspective of Level(s) and its potential to improve sustainable architectural quality in buildings.




Dr. Judit KIMPIAN, Architects' Council of Europe (ACE)

Josefina LINDBLOM, EU Commission - DG Environment

Brian Højbjerre SØRENSEN, Architect at Årstiderne Arkitekter and DGNB consultant

Markus MÜLLER, Federal Chamber of German Architects

Esfandiar BURMAN, University College London (UCL)

Dr. Anna BRAUNE, German Sustainable Building Council