Event type Open air event

Renewable energy to improve climate resilience

For a third year the engineering company Ambiens promote the energy day in his technological park in Piazza Armerina (EN). The mission is to divulgate the use of sustainable technology and renewable energy and show as the green economy can be a solution sustainable development. The past editions were opportunity to start network among enterprise locate in south Italy and school and research institute with this Energy Day we will try to open the communication also to public institution and  try to use the opportunities relate to the PAESC for a sustainable development. Disruptive innovation communication is required to promote sustainable development and the technical enterprise should be ready to use and promote renewable energy solution always with the idea that we need a network of competence that no one can have alone, so the energy day should be an opportunity to meet ad compare with experts of different expertise.


Guido Sciuto

Charles Wright

Agata Matarazzo

Christian Prencipe

Giuseppe Marco TINA

Antonio Gagliano

Paolo Tagliaoli

Marco Bertetti

Sigvald Harryson

Franco Colombo

Mauro Marani