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Report launch (webinar): “Delivering negative emissions from biomass-derived hydrogen”

Biomass-derived hydrogen production with carbon capture and storage (CCS) can generate hydrogen whilst also removing CO2 from the atmosphere. This report assesses whether biomass-derived hydrogen with CCS (BHCCS) could feasibly deliver net negative CO2 emissions, making comparisons against the other bioenergy with CCS (BECCS) technologies, including electricity generation and combined heat and power (CHP). To address the concerns about biomass sustainability, the study evaluates large-scale BECCS deployment using biomass sources solely from within the UK, both primary (i.e. dedicated energy crops) and secondary biomass sources (e.g. waste biomass, forest/agricultural residues).

The report findings indicate that BHCCS can play a major role in meeting the UK’s negative emissions targets (offsets hard-abate emissions) and providing a substantial contribution to the UK’s energy system. It was more cost-effective to deploy BHCCS alongside the other BECCS technologies, making it possible to achieve profitable scenarios.


Insights from the new report will be presented by the author of the report Dr Mai Bui. Her presentation will be followed by commentary and a live Q&A discussion with panel members. The event will be chaired by Professor Nigel Brandon.


Dr Mai Bui, Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London

Dr Mathilde Fajardy, Energy Policy Research Group at the University of Cambridge

Dr Ausilio Bauen, Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London

Chaired by: Professor Nigel Brandon, Imperial College London