Event type Workshop

RESOR Interregional Study Visit

For the EUSEW 2019, Portugal’s National Energy Agency (ADENE) and the Network of Energy and Environment Agencies (RNAE) are coordinating a set of Energy Days promoted by Portuguese municipalities, municipal associations and energy agencies.

The RESOR Interregional Study Visit in Madeira, organized by the Regional Agency for Energy and Environment, occurs under the project RESOR - Promoting best practices to support energy efficiency and renewable energy in European islands and remote regions, co-financed by Interreg Europe. This event will gather partners and stakeholders from the participant regions to share best practices in project management and implementation under the European Regional Development Fund regional programmes (ERDF). The event will include a field visit to two projects implemented in Madeira island, financed under the EFDR programme, which are contributing for the advancement of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the region.

 The event is not open to the public.