Event type Online event

The role of municipalities in the energy transition

"The role of municipalities in the energy transition” webinar, promoted by Gaiurb EM, a public company and the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, will focus how the different stakeholders (government, municipality, owners) can act to enhance energy efficiency and promote actions that lead to energy-environmental sustainability of buildings and to a transition to a low carbon economy.

The online conference reflects the present concern with the improvement of the urban environment and the implementation of policies aimed at sustainable urban development and is fully aligned and integrated with the key priorities of the EU’s climate and energy goals and the European Green Deal, namely:

- “Supplying clean, affordable and secure energy”, emphasizing that the clean energy transition should involve and benefit consumers;

- “Building and renovating in an energy and resource efficient way”; in the sense that the UE and the Member States should engage in a ‘renovation wave’ of public and private buildings.