Event type Conference

Scientific and Technical Conference "Geophysical Technologies and Geospatial Modeling in the Problems of Geotechnics, Engineering Geology, Seismology and Construction"

Negligible seismic and electric exploration. Georadar studies.
• Geospatial modeling in the prognosis of hazardous processes.
• Modeling of hydrodynamic and geomagnetic processes. Methods of estimation of hydrogeomechanical stability of soil massifs.
• Seismic monitoring. Seismic zoning and microseismarionization.
• Methods and results of calculations for stability. Design of buildings and structures taking into account geophysical and seismological information (NPP, HPP, TPPs, WES, solar power plants, oil and gas processing enterprises, metallurgical, chemical and mining enterprises, civilian objects).
• Monitoring of technical condition of building structures.