Event type Conference

Seminar "Public Lighting and Smart Cities: Opportunities and Obstacles"

For the EUSEW 2019, Portugal’s National Energy Agency (ADENE) and the Network of Energy and Environment Agencies (RNAE) are coordinating a set of Energy Days promoted by Portuguese municipalities, municipal associations and energy agencies aiming to raise awareness on energy efficiency and renewable energy in Portugal.

With the aim of contributing to the debate and the progress of knowledge on smart public lighting, Lisboa E-Nova promotes a seminar dedicated to future trends in the area, where the new technical directives and new available technologies will be discussed. The barriers to innovation in public lighting systems will also be touched upon.

This seminar organized by Lisboa E-Nova and co-organized by Siemens is not open to the public, since it is targeted only at municipalities and is developed within the scope of the Sharing Cities programme (www.sharingcities.eu).