Event type Conference

Up-skilling the AEC industry to deliver high quality energy efficient retrofitting with BIM learning tools

The EU is funding various projects on how to up-skill the AEC sector on using BIM for energy efficiency renovation. Yet, while similar projects address the same challenges, there is little or no information exchange and collaboration between them. Additionally, the question remains of how much feedback these projects provide to policy makers and thus how they effectively support reaching EU 2030 targets and the long-term objective of decarbonising the building stock by 2050.

This session will bring together experiences from four Horizon 2020 projects working with BIM as a training tool and developing qualification frameworks in order to deliver a high quality performing built result.

The discussion will provide insights for practitioners on available training and feedback for policy makers on the current situation in various EU countries. This session will enable the creation of synergies and possibilities to cooperate and share valuable knowledge between the four projects and beyond.


Henri Le Marois - BIMplement

Benjamin Fedor - BIMplement (France)

Piotr Dymarski - BIMplement (Poland)

Arjan Schrauwen - NET-UBIEP and BIMplement Netherlands

Paul McCormack - BIMCert

Sunil Suwal

Olav Luyckx

Amandine De Coster-Lacourt - Project Advisory at EASME - Panel Moderator