Event type Workshop

Smart Energy Solutions: what's keeping cities from implementing?

Smart city investments have received a lot of attention and funding in the recent past.

Most of these initiatives have included attention to replicating to other cities in Europe. However, all these efforts have not led to tangible replication and the enthusiasm about the planned investments often drops shortly after a program's end. This is a pity for fund providers and a lost opportunity for cities.


The workshops organised as part of the Energy Days want to make a step towards understanding the obstacles to replication and how these can be overcome. For that we invite employees from European cities to discuss with us and share their views and ideas. The workshops will be moderated by a team of professional facilitators, ensuring a constructive and open atmosphere.

Building on the outcome of the workshops a feedback to the EC will be distilled, which can serve as input for future grants and projects to maximize the impact of investments and help in the transition towards smart cities.