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Solar Decathlon in Europe - Celebrating 10 years

The Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE) competition in sustainable architecture and engineering has evolved to a version that is well adapted to the European built environment, pan-European professionalisation, and the international nature of the competing Teams.

Based on the US DoE’s Solar Decathlon competition, the SD Europe was initiated by the Spanish Ministry of Housing and the Universidad Politècnica de Madrid. Kickstarting the international Solar Decathlon movement, the first edition of the SDE took place in June, 2010 near the Royal Palace of Madrid. The ten days of competition united over 1 000 students, seventeen Teams from seven different countries and three continents.Celebrating ten years of activity, the Solar Decathlon Europe community will be featuring the seventeen SDE10 Teams through profile acknowledgements online and on social media channels. This first SDE edition, focused on two main objectives: firstly, to promote innovation and stimulate knowledge. Secondly, to raise awareness of responsible energy use. These objectives were channelled through 1000 participating students and more than 192 000 visitors.

Built on this momentum, there have been five Solar Decathlon Europe editions to date, including the upcoming SDE21 in Wuppertal, Germany. Driven today by the Energy Endeavour Foundation,  the Solar Decathlon Europe celebrates its diversity, while emphasising responses to complex urban issues through the development of energy-efficient and resource-responsible design concepts. Participating SDE Decathlete Teams boost our clean-energy workforce, distinguishing themselves by putting their designs into a broad social and urban perspective, showing leadership in shaping the cities of our future.

Join us at solardecathlon.eu to celebrate this achievement and the ever-thriving advances toward resource-responsibility in our built environment.