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Starkids Sustainable Energy Awareness Initiative

StarKids, an alternative Toyshop with focus on toys for growth organises weekly workshops on science, coming May and June our science workshops will focus on reneweable energies, during which we will make children and parents aware of what they can do related to sustainable and renewable energy use.

Furthermore, StarKids is contributing to a Spanish national project whereby old toys are being collected and redistributed amongst children who cannot afford new toys. We are supporting this initiative; deeply believing that  this small contribution to extending the lifecycle of unused toys and recycling defect ones, creates awareness for environment protection and offers smiles and happiness. 


We also support and present the WindDam project, an effective and impactful idea, a solution to  today’s energy problem.This energy solution caught our attention and promises to deliver. Via this initiative StarKids provides insight to the public related to the energy challenges the EU is facing.


Hans Guldentops