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Strengthening the Role of Education for Supporting the Sustainable Green Energy Transition in a Digitalized World

The education component is the catalyst and at the same time the lever that can ensure the sustainability of the transition process to Climate-neutral Europe. To properly support this process, the European education system must adapt to the requirements related to green technologies and sustainable business solutions, in the context of increasing the penetration of RES and digitalization. By involving stakeholders with different perspectives on the educational component, the proposed session aims to identify the most appropriate framework for analyzing this context, generating solutions and implementing the necessary steps leading to an education system that is adapted to the new requirements of the energy domain.

Some major changes are taking place, such as the development of new technologies, the integration of renewable/ distributed energy resources without loss of reliability, cross-sector coupling and hydrogen-based solutions, digitalisation of energy transmission and distribution networks, new business models and services, data management and cyber-security, etc. Among these changes, two main forces are driving the evolution of the European energy sector: Low Carbon objectives (which have promoted the revolutionary transformation of the energy system), and Digitalisation (part of the fourth industrial revolution) which affects all economic sectors.

The proposed session responds to this context, representing at the same time a key component of the awareness and consultation activities that will be carried out through the implementation of the EDDIE (EDucation for DIgitalization of Energy) project. This project, funded by the ERASMUS program aims to create new industry-driven educational approaches tailored to the industrial application in the energy sector, to meet the educational needs generated by increased penetration of renewables, implementation and use of green technologies and digitalization.