Event type Online event

Sustainable Energy Days in Zhytomyr

During the Energy Days in Zhytomyr City several online events will be held to support The EU Sustainable Energy Week and to raise awareness on sustainable energy, energy efficincy and energy saving among people:

  • Online game on Facebook “Stop frame: "Catch your #TsiaTorba (#thisbag)”;
  • Quiz "Green city of Zhytomyr, or what do you know about energy efficiency and climate in Zhytomyr?";
  • Publishing a video "First Swallows" of the Support program of energy modernization of apartment houses "Enerhodim" (“Energy house”); 
  • Marathon for energy managers "Simple about difficult: rating of resource consumption in buildings";

  • Publishing videos, movies and cartoons on renewable energy sources, climate, waste recycling, public health - the ecological footprint of a human;
  • Publishing information on renewable energy sources and climate;
  • Publishing best practices for energy development of communities from the Public organization "Ecoclub";

  • Online energy efficiency fair;

  • Test: "Check yourself. What do you know about energy efficiency?”;

  • Video about the eco-tour to the Kromberg & Schubert factory in the framework of the project "Improving the quality of services in the field of waste management at the municipal level" (Public organization "Modern Format").