Event type Multiformat

Sustainable energy summer of Merefyan community

May 18 - June 16 - Informational and promotional campaign.
Drawing competition for children under 14 years «My energy efficient family”.

June 2019 -The mayor’s report on the implementation as a part of a strategy for the sustainable energy development and climate of the Merefyan community of the united territorial community until 2030.

June 17 - The official opening of the week of Sustainable energy weeks in Merefyan community.

June 18 - The day of energy efficiency.
- lectures for parents "for clean future" in the children’s development club;
- drawings competition on the pavement near the film center ‘Spytnyk’, the topic is - "my energy efficient future";
- watching movies and cartoons about ecology environment;

June 19 - «Sun energy of nowadays» visiting of the first power plant in Kharkiv region and private households.

June 20 - General event "Ecological Workshop".

June 21 - Summing up the results of the children's drawing contest "My Energy Efficient Family".