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Universities for sustainable energy

 From the public Universities of Cantabria, La Rioja, Oviedo, Salamanca, Valladolid and Zaragoza we want to contribute to the celebration of the 15th European Sustainable Energy Week by spreading knowledge and the use of renewable energies, promoting energy efficiency and sustainable governance.

The energy transition to a sustainable model aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals is a current need. In this sense, Europe is working to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, reach a 32% share of renewable energy and increase energy efficiency by 32.5%.

Universities cannot remain oblivious to this common challenge and we must take a decisive role in the framework of advanced research, technological development, quality education and the transmission of values to society. With this initiative, we propose a comprehensive programme that will address key issues in terms of renewable energy, energy efficiency and responsible consumption, as well as information on some of the most interesting projects that we are developing in this area.

During this week, the six universities will offer online free content on renewable energy, self-consumption, low-carbon technologies and good practices that can be carried out in universities and in the residential sector. Furthermore, the importance of use the energy consumption model to clean technologies will be shared on social media.

The shut down of mining operations in Asturias forced the mining company HUNOSA to pump permanent mine water and to forward it into the river, guaranteeing so the stability of their area. Due to the depth, the temperature of the pumped water is about 23 ºC on average. Therefore, the use of the heat contained by the mining water as a renewable resource for the air conditioning and heating of university buildings and others in the area shows an innovative case of Circular Economy, coverting a real problem (high pumping costs) into an added value resource for wealth and sustainability.