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Very Shallow Geothermal Energy – A Sleeping Giant of the Energy Revolution

The utilization of shallow geothermal energy offers a relatively simple form of sustainable energy for heating and cooling systems for buildings (new and in renovation projects). The webinar will show different geothermal systems of this technology in theory and on the practical bases in the realisation of two related projects: GEO4CIVHIC (H2020) and Soil2Heat-Network (ZIM).
Shallow geothermal systems are an efficient and renewable energy technology for cooling and heating of buildings and other facilities. The numbers of installed ground source heat pump (GSHP) systems, for example, is continuously increasing worldwide. In Europe there is a very high untapped potential for this technology and therefore can be considered as a sleeping giant of the Energy Revolution.
The webinar will be preceded by a short introduction by the Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFOR) about the possibilities of grants in the context of R&D of renewable energies in the age of Green New Deal.


Dr. David Bertermann (FAU)

Dr. Thomas Ammerl (BayFOR)