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Webinaari: Työkaluja energiatehokkuuteen / Tools for Energy Efficiency (in Finnish)

Did you know that heating, lighting, cooling and ventilation in buildings cover almost half of energy consumption in Finland? This can be affected by improving the energy efficiency in buildings. An energy-efficient building produces less CO2 emissions. At the same time, the energy costs will be reduced.

WWF Green Office (LIFE EconomisE project) and Environment Office of Lappeenranta Region (EFFECT4buildings project) will organize together a free webinar concerning the improvement of energy efficiency on Wednesday 10th June at 13.00 -14.30.

 The webinar will present concrete tools for decreasing the carbon footprint of the built environment and promoting energy efficiency. We will also talk about what opportunities, how tenant is able to influence in the energy efficiency of their office or commercial premises. Furthermore how a property owner can help the tenant to use the premises in energy efficient way.