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Webinar Decarbonization: the hit is on

Seventh webinar of the series "5+2 Challenges for Engineers for a Greener Future"
Speaker: Prof. Francesca Verga, Politecnico di Torino

From the industrial revolution, the fossil fuel has been dominating the power generation and the continuous increase of the energy demand is proportional to that of the Earth’s population. This has led a rapid growth in carbon dioxide emissions that need immediate relief. For quite some time now, society has been dealing with the very broad issue of the “climate change” which immediately refers to the “energy” challenge; this path can be further branched into “energy transition” and “green energy”. An effort is observed towards a sustainable future by attempting to move from traditional fossil-fuels to renewable energy sources such as solar energy, geothermal energy, or hydropower. These actions could eventually support the disengagement from coal and oil but currently, they can cover only partially the needs of the modern society. Furthermore, how “green” these solutions are and how many counter effects they bring to the social and economic sectors? Unfortunately, fossil free does not mean emission free. An understanding is needed about the future evolution of the energy mix, the role played by renewable energy and natural gas in the energy transition process, and the difference between the “green” and the “greener” energy. Experts in the energy industry are working to come up with solutions to energy needs and demand. As a society, we will have to decide the way forward, but this is only possible if our decisions are informed ones by technical knowledge and by further human-centered research methods. Sustainable development was a good starting point but we should probably take our future steps on a path paved with realistic and scientifically supported decisions.


Francesca Verga