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Workshops Passive House #01

These 12 workshops will occurr in 6 days, with 2 workshops in each day. Each workshop will have its own individual registration and certificate of attendance. Each workshop will have two or three presentations. With these workshop series we want to raise the awareness of the different stakeholders in relation to the most efficient solutions for the buillding sector. Passive House is a building standard that is truly energy efficient, comfortable and affordable at the same time. The Passive House standard can be also applied in the renovation of the existent building stock. The speakers are national and international experts in each sector of the building and construction industry. The first speaker is David Castro, from Zehnder. He will present concepts for efficient ventialtion based in Zehnder's solutions of certified Passive House components.
The second speaker is Irma Assunção, from Knauf Insulation. She will present concepts for efficient façade systems based in Knauf's solutions of certified Passive House components. The third speaker is Pedro Santos, from Reynaers. He will present highly efficient window solutions based in Reynaers's certified Passive House components.

For the EUSEW 2020, the Portuguese Energy Agency (ADENE) and the Energy and Environment Agencies' Association - National Network (RNAE) are promoting a set of online Energy Days aiming to promote clean energy and energy efficiency in Portugal. This joint initiative gathers Energy Days organized independently by ADENE and RNAE, as well as in collaboration with other Portuguese stakeholders, including municipalities and municipal associations.