Energy efficiency in buildings: the contribution of Prepair Project



The problem of air pollution in the Po basin, where over 23 million people live, is severe and overcomes regional borders. Accordingly, it requests a supraregional approach: the aim of PREPAIR is to promote new lifestyles, as well as new production and consumption models.

Energy efficiency is one of the main thematic “pillars” in the PREPAIR project, with 3 different actions planned for SMEs, public buildings and private ones.

Concerning SMEs, one of the objectives of the action is to increase the technical knowledge of the companies staff, included energy managers of SMEs.

For public buildings, the action aims to support local authorities with technical support and information on access to finance and investment opportunities.

For private buildings, the aim of the action is to develop professional expertises for an holistic approach to building works, specifically oriented to multi-family houses, involving all actors usually belonging to the building chain.

The goal is to share a common language that leads to a simpler dialogue between the professionals involved, promoting dialogue, exchanges, and communication between all the different professional fellows.

Three editions of the training course related to this last action have already launched with interesting results.



Technical expert
Province of Trento