Energy harvesting from industrial waste heat


Currently, the industry loses around 60% of the energy consumed in the form of waste heat, which represents a serious economic and environmental problem. If we take Europe as an example, with an annual global consumption around 3000 TWh, we can say that we lose about 1800 TWh.

We propose the use of an integrated system called Waste Heat Recovery Unit that can transform this thermal energy directly into electricity and then, reinjecting it to the industry network in order to improve its energy efficiency.

The application of our technology in Europe would recover about an 8% of the 1800 TWh lost (≈140TWh), which would be equivalent to the annual consumption of countries such as Ireland or Poland, with an economic impact of more than 2000 M€ and a reduction of 70 MT of CO2.

From the technical point of view, the Waste Heat Recovery Unit is a modular, scalable, robust and easy to install system that adapts perfectly to any industry and that combines the latest advances in materials engineering, Thermoelectric Generator cells (TEG) and a patented microelectronic system that is capable of maximizing the power generation.