Energy Plans and Roadmaps for Sustainable Future

The purpose of our seminar is to improve the capacity of forerunners of sustainable energy/transport sector to roadmap the energy transition in European communities. The seminar sets on the wider background of the challenges that EU communities are facing on energy planning. Increasing need for the coordination between the different priorities (social, environmental, technological) and disciplines (transport and logistics, ICT, commerce etc) requires further advancements on planning. Six EU-level projects are cooperating for the seminar during Sustainable Energy Week 2018 Policy Conference, sharing their updates and suggestions for energy planning, roadmapping and stakeholder engagement.

The seminar will introduce the updated methodology for the energy planning and roadmapping in different political and administrative contexts. Strong focus will be on the role of the stakeholders and different multi-level governance approaches in the process (cocreation, collaboration and citizen leadership). The seminar aims to build up the public awareness through sharing the experiences of community members with different background (CEE region, Mediterranean region, Western Europe) to convince policy makers to include integration and sustainability into the public paradigm. Along with the methodology and practical suggestions, good examples will be introduced from different European communities.


Head of the Energy Unit
Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
Business and Project Management S.A
Senior Researcher
JIN Climate and Sustainability
EU Policy & Project Adviser
City of Eindhoven - EU Brussels Office
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Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy
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Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale
Regional Director for Housing & Urban Planning Policies
Regional Government of Castilla-y-León
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