Energy poverty: inclusive clean energy transition and best practice

The clean energy transition is a necessity and an opportunity to transform the energy system as we know it, in line with EU commitments, international obligations, and most importantly citizens expectations on access to clean, affordable and secure sources of energy. For it to succeed, the transition needs to be inclusive and beneficial to all in society, including the most vulnerable energy consumers.

The session will discuss the conditions for a clean energy transition that does not leave anyone behind. It will suggest a fairer approach to funding a low carbon energy system, and showcase how the local level is well placed to identify vulnerable consumers, address energy poverty and act as a relay to make sure that all market and regulatory tools reach out to consumers in need.

The session will include presentation of examples of local projects aiming at alleviating energy poverty from the Covenant of Mayors and beyond. The session will also be an opportunity to discuss available EU policy assistance, including the Energy Poverty Observatory and what is needed to make it more effective.