Energy storage to boost EU decarbonisation and competitiveness


Europe is facing major challenges regarding the energy transition towards a climate-neutral economy and society by 2050. These challenges need to be tackled at many levels – scientific progress to find new, unexplored solutions and improve existing ones; their uptake by industry, translating them into competitive applications while guaranteeing jobs and opening new market opportunities in Europe; leadership, adequate regulation and strategic investment, and society at large, which needs to embrace both new technologies and fundamental behavioural changes.

Energy storage is a key element in the challenge to achieve a decarbonised economy at the crossroads of electrified mobility, penetration of renewables, and a decentralised energy system. This session will gather stakeholders from across the value chain and from different energy storage applications. The first part is dedicated to the presentation of future and emerging technologies for energy storage – focusing on chemical and electrochemical approaches – with an emphasis on research and innovation. In the second part, we will be discussing how the European industry is applying specifically battery technologies, working on new options for the integration of renewables and improving the utilization of the grid. Both parts are taking into account recent development at policy level – including for example the Strategic Action Plan on Batteries, the Electricity Market Directive, the upcoming Framework Programme for Research and Innovation with its Mission approach and the European Battery Alliance.

Each part will comprise a panel session and be introduced by a keynote speaker. The speakers and round table members have been selected to introduce different perspectives and communities for discussion. The audience will get the opportunity to challenge and contribute to the presented ideas during two Q&A rounds. The session will also stimulate networking activities between the private sector, the European Commission and the R&I community, and will facilitate interactions on the remaining challenges which need to be tackled in Europe.


Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF & Coordinator of EERA sub-programme Electrochemical Storage
EIT InnoEnergy
Villum Kann Rasmussen Professor
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Authorized Representative of Managing Board, Head of Energy Policy
Thematic Leader for Smart Grids & Energy Storage
EIT InnoEnergy
Strategy and Communications Section Head
Uppsala Universtiy
Professor of Biophysical Organic Chemistry & Coordinator of the SUNRISE project
Leiden University
International Public Affairs Director
Director Sales for Battery Storage Systems
President CEO
Acting Director on Renewables, Research and Innovation, Energy Efficiency
DG ENER, European Commission
Head of Renault/Nissan EU Office