Energy storage: an essential enabler of the energy transition

Some citizens and policymakers still remain sceptical about the possibility to achieve ambitious decarbonisation goals while maintaining security of supply and ensuring affordable energy prices across the EU. While new energy storage technologies are developed and deployed at an unprecedented rate, many still wonder why we need storage.

This talk will explain to a broader audience the technical feasibility and challenges of achieving a net-zero emissions energy system by 2050. Moreover, it will highlight the contribution that the EU energy storage industry is already delivering for a decarbonised energy system, presenting the immense value of storage in helping integrate ever increasing shares of renewables and empowering consumers to directly participate in the energy system. The talk will be a call to action, demonstrating the need for Europe to invest in innovative technologies such as energy storage, and also the immense opportunities that such technological innovation can bring for each European citizen.

 In its 2050 Long-Term Strategy, the European Commission envisions a fully decarbonised power generation by 2050, with 80-85% of electricity generation being met by variable renewables. Although this transformation brings many opportunities it also entails major challenges. Most importantly, how can we address the increasing challenges in the operation of the electricity system due to the increased share of renewables?

The strategy assesses different pathways for the EU to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions between -80% by 2050 (compared to 1990) up to net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. All scenarios developed by the European Commission converge on one element: storage capacity will significantly increase to enable integration of higher shares of variable renewables in a faster, more efficient way. Thus, this talk perfectly complements this strategy and will help explain the complex and unique role energy storage can play in the energy system.


Secretary General
EASE - The European Association for Storage of Energy