Energy storytelling: why stories matter to scientists and policy-makers in energy policy

The purpose of the workshop is to address the growing gap between scientists and EU-citizens when it comes to understanding the science behind- and the relevance of- energy, climate, and transport to our everyday lives. To have a policy impact, science needs to move from an arms-length, one-shot, fragmented delivery of knowledge towards an iterative, collaborative, holistic approach. This means new skills, and tools: visualisation, research synthesis, knowledge management and community facilitation, citizen/society/stakeholder engagement, etc. Storytelling can form a valuable tool in order to get our message across.


Team Leader Communication & Visualisation
European Commission- DG Joint Research Centre
Professor of Energy Policy, Director of the Sussex Energy Group, Director of the Center on Innovation and Energy Demand
Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the School of Business, Management, and Economics,University of Sussex
Head of Unit 'Knowledge for Geographic Coordination'
European Commission- DG Joint Research Centre
Assistant professor Environmental psychology
University of Groningen
Head of Unit 'Knowledge for the Energy Union'
European Commission- DG Joint Research Centre
Member of European Parliament
EPP Group, European Parliament
Corporate campaign manager
European Commission- DG for Communication
European Commission- European Political Strategy Centre