Energy within the rural territories


The European Countryside Movement is a collaborative platform gathering European organizations supporting rural development.  R.E.D., Rurality, Environment, Development, is coordinating the platform.  This international association is representing the rural areas challenges at the european level.

RURENER, the European network of rural communities, committed to opportunity to turn a vulnerability (energy poverty, dependence of fossil fuels ...) into a strength (sustainability, local economy, attractiveness, ...) in rural territories.  Many communities are already doing a lot but they remain the exception.  This is why European policies and strategies have to better evergy transition.  A clean energy for all Europeans is not possible without rural territories, covering about 80% of Europe with most of the renewable resources which must be used properly to respond to the current energy challenges in rural areas as well as in cities. Based on local examples this stand is about how can the EU support rural communities for a sustainable and inclusive transition.  The ECM and its lead organization Rurality Environment Development are proposing to push forward the European Rural Agenda, voted in the resolution of the EU Parliament last October.