ENTROPY: Addressing energy efficiency in buildings – University of Murcia

The ENTROPY project designs, deploys and assesses an innovative, energy-aware Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystem that enables end-users behavioural changes towards the adoption of energy efficient lifestyles. The ENTROPY ecosystem motivates the end-users by developing a serious game and a personalised mobile application that provide to the users energy-related information, as well as tips for achieving energy savings in their daily activities and adopting a more energy efficient lifestyle. The IoT-enabled ENTROPY ecosystem is applied to 3 public buildings: a Technology Park in Italy, a Technology Park and University Campus in Spain; and a Technopole in Switzerland.

The users can monitor in real-time the energy data streams from the IoT-enabled buildings through the ENTROPY ecosystem. Additionally, an interactive game with VR capabilities provides to the users behavioral-based adaptive educational content and interaction with the IoT energy monitoring devices. The Energy Fair visitors of ENTROPY stand will have a unique experience by interacting in real-time with energy monitoring IoT devices and gamified applications and, thus, realising that the future holds fruitful means to encourage energy efficient behaviour and lifestyle.