ENTSO-E towards transparency and clean energy for all

What is the role of power networks in the Energy Transition?
How much RES can be transported throughout Europe?
How can more choice and leadership be given to consumers?

     These are the questions that are to be discussed and displayed on the ENTSO-E stand at the Energy Fair. Specific facts and figures will be displayed based on our report on Power System 2040 on the costs of no grid in Europe, EU grid map showing the existing interconnections, and transparency platform, which enables the customers to inform themselves on electricity generation, load, congestion and electricity prices. All of these will push the discussion with the participants on cost efficiency, security of supply and more RES and storage integration.

     In addition to displaying innovative ENTSO-E projects, such as Interrface and Transparency Platform, the activities will also include: 

  - Paperless publication, through QR code that attendees can scan directly on their smartphones.
  - Display of audiovisual content from ENTSO-E and European TSOs.
  - Showcase of C02 impact map, Network Code app, Transparency Platform - used by several organisation for their data visualisation (such as WindEurope), among others projects directly linked with ‘A Clean Planet for all’ long-term strategy.
  - A board were attendees could suggest their solutions for a more sustainable planet
  - A digital quiz voting, through a screen or an app, in order to stimulate the discussion with the participants even more