EU-Africa long term partnership on sustainable energy: the role of research & innovation

Challenge addressed by the session

This session will highlight the key importance of ongoing research & innovation collaborative actions between the EU and Africa on renewables, as a key building element for renewed partnership. The event will facilitate policy debates about the roles of clean energy in Africa’s emerging markets and the need for strengthened partnerships between the two continents across private and public sectors.

Concept and Focus 

The success of most African emerging markets depend largely on their access to secure, low cost, decentralized energy solutions and infrastructures – as provided via the use of renewables. As part of its commitment towards championing the use of renewables to reduce global emissions and to build a mutually beneficial relationship, the EU initiated a joint research and innovation action, to promote excellent, scientific research for sustainable growth and development of renewables. This effort will bolster healthy, cross-functional relationships across the academia, industries and public institutions in both the EU and Africa.

The event will address topical issues including:

- Harmonization of public policies on renewable energy between the EU and Africa

- Identification of high priority areas in renewable energy research & innovation under the joint action.

- Human capacity building and possibilities for development/improvement of existing scientific research resources and facilities.

- Public-Private Partnerships on renewable energy research & innovation under the joint action.

Invited speakers for the event comprise public policy experts, researchers, innovators, clean energy companies, private investors and civil servants from the EU and Africa.

The event targets all relevant stakeholders in the renewable energy industry, academia and public institutions.

Relevance of the Topic

This session will stimulate productive dialogues about thematic areas such as:

- Current outlook for renewable energy resources in Africa.

- State of renewable energy deployment in Africa (present and future).

- Renewable energy research and development situation in Africa (present and future)

- EU policy perspectives on renewable energy research and innovation for Africa.

- Financing research and innovation initiatives in renewables between the EU and Africa.


Full Professor, Rector’s Delegate to Cooperation and Development
Politecnico di Milano
Strategy, Governance & Membership Manager
RES4Africa Foundation
Director General
Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP
Climate Change expert
International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering
Business developer and project manager
EDF, Africa and middle east division
Head of Sales
CYSALYS / InnoEnergy