EU and non EU Islands: showcasing best practice from around the world

As climate change vulnerability and sustainable development challenges are becoming more apparent and urgent, islands around the globe are leading the way in renewable energy solutions and serve as laboratories for transformational clean energy shifts.

This session will be part of a broader block focusing on islands as key players for clean energy transition. The session will be an opportunity for EU and non-EU islands to share best available, tailor-made solutions for decarbonisation and give an international cooperation perspective. Decarbonisation projects from islands in Europe, Africa, Caribbean and Pacific will be presented. Following the successful Sustainable Energy Forum in La Habana, Cuba, on 30-31 January 2018, the Cuban authorities (including the Minister of Energy) will be invited to participate and share their experience in clean energy transition on islands.

The session will build on the European Commission's commitment at COP 23 to support the Initiative for Renewable Island Energy (IRIE), an initiative that supports Small Island Development States (SIDS) in their implementation of the renewable energy and energy efficiency components of their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to implement the Paris Agreement. Part of the commitment was to make an inventory of energy transition projects and sustainable energy actions in SIDS supported through DG DEVCO's cooperation programmes.