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The EU-MERCI project: Example of energy efficiency in industry

EU-MERCI is a coordination and support action project funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, aimed at fostering and facilitating the implementation of energy efficiency projects in the manufacturing industry sectors by selecting and disseminating technological, as well as policy best practices.

EU-MERCI seeks to identify best practices of implementation of energy efficiency projects, drawing from the experience of thousands of real cases of the application of energy efficiency support schemes in Europe, in order to support the effective implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

A database of industrial ‘Good Practices’ has been created through the analysis of the energy efficiency projects implemented within the existing support schemes at EU level and the information collected via an extensive survey involving both industries, and their associations and policy makers. This database is available to all the interested stakeholders through the EIEEP Platform (European Industrial Energy Efficiency good Practices platform, available at The collected ‘Good Practices’ aim to help industrial enterprises to find out the best available solutions to improve their use of energy and their competitiveness. It will also stimulate them by showing case studies and real achievements.

EU-MERCI has involved an important number of national and European stakeholders and tracking the project.