EU opportunities for the energy transition in the Mediterranean and the GCC regions

The session aims to discuss the leading policies, technologies and best practices that can unlock the clean energy potential in the Mediterranean & the Gulf (GCC) regions. Emphasis is given on the drivers and the challenges of the transition towards clean energy that is currently taking place and how EU stakeholders can engage and establish win-win partnerships in these regions, at a policy, technology/industry and research level. It will highlight the parts of the relevant value chain that hold the best potential for innovation and untapped investment.

The regions at hand are facing a rapid increase in the energy and water consumption due to economic and population growth, exacerbated by the harsh climate conditions and scarcity of water. On the one hand, the regions have been well known for subsidising all forms of fossil fuels, which leads to an inefficient use of energy and encourage wasteful consumption. On the other hand, these countries have enormous potential to deploy clean energy and their recent policies reflect the ambitious plans to promote energy efficiency and to boost renewable energy. The event contributes among others to the objectives of the EU to strengthen energy relations with the countries in these regions and to promote EU global leadership in the clean energy field.

The main discussion points include:

  • Clean energy transition in the Mediterranean and GCC regions: key socio-economic and technological drivers, policies and developments
  • Clean energy technologies and best practices addressing the challenges in the energy transition in the two regions: where does Europe have a competitive edge?
  • What are the most effective innovation policies and actions to maximise socio-economic benefits for the Mediterranean and GCC countries? Are any new approaches/schemes needed?


Head of Unit for “Renewables and CCS policy”
EU Commission - DG ENERGY
EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network
Member Board of Directors
Chief Executive Officer
SolarPower Europe
Executive Director
Head Of Unit
Masdar Institute, Khalifa University