EU projects boosting electrical vehicles’ use and optimisation


CHALLENGE project and the NOEMIX project - both funded under the framework programme Horizon 2020 -present their achievements on the topic of green vehicles’ diffusion and research.

CHALLENGE aims at developing Silicon Carbide (SiC) power electronics to control electric vehicles and wants to host a stand that focuses on the link between SiC material properties and their capability for a more efficient energy use in electric cars as you can see in the short presentation

NOEMIX is a public-private partnership and generating 14 million of euro of investment to contribute to the implementation of low-carbon mobility revolution. NOEMIX is based on a new model of car-sharing service, rental of electric vehicles supported by a software aimed at managing and optimizing public authorities’ mobility. NOEMIX is based on an innovative business model taken over from circular economy envisaging the management of public administrations’ mobility needs through rental and sharing services of electric mobility,  the introduction of IT systems for fleet management, of new charging stations, and installations for energy production from renewable sources (photovoltaic systems). 

The projects will propose an interactive game that can be played by all stakeholders. Thanks to this virtual support EUSEW participants can learn more regarding new materials and their exploitation in the electric cars production and NOEMIX best practice and solution for public authorities and stakeholders wishing to pursue a transition to E-mobility. It is a coding game to discover how  the material properties can be revolutionary to support more affordable use and more efficient zero emission cars. 

CHALLENGE and NOEMIX game will create a solid link between stakeholders participating at the fair and project partners thanks to its interactivity and the method applied to boost players engagement. One of the key topics of the game will be the concept of control electronics of electric cars which plays a key role in an efficient use of energy from batteries and the great saving investment given by introduction of electric cars. 

CHALLENGE questions in the game will focus on the inverter that is often defined as “the brain of an electric car”. One of the innovative aspects of CHALLENGE project, that will be highlight by the game, is the intention of developing electronic devices based on the cubic polytype of SiC - Silicon carbide (3C-SiC), which is the only one that can be grown on a host substrate. The use of Silicon compliance substrates for SiC growth allows to decrease SiC cost and to achieve high crystal quality for subsequent device manufacturing. 

The game can as well highlight the peculiar character of NOEMIX which is a public private partnership promoted by public authorities, private companies, a science park, the university, an industry association and banks. In fact, it represents a best practice where all stakeholders are working together for the final objectives. The project is conceived in different phases, where the experience of each is at the service of the community.  NOEMIX can be replicated in other EU cities, that’s why it is necessary to give to this project a great visibility at EU level.