EU projects on carbon reduction


Power-Link is part of Ghent University and focuses on energy transition projects, mainly European funded programmes. We will showcase our many projects (9 at the moment) that all have carbon reduction as a main objective and will share our expertise and knowledge with interested parties. These projects are PECS (Interreg2Seas), HeatNet NWE (Interreg NWE), ITEG (Interreg NWE), MET-CERTIFIED (Interreg2Seas), Triple-A (Interreg2Seas), Biseps (Interreg2Seas), TERTS (Interreg VLANED), Rolecs and Empower 2.0 (Interreg North Sea). These projects range from marine energy to home renovation, business clusters and district heating, all of them focussing on carbon reduction through the use of renewable energy technology. 

With 'shock statements' on carbon reduction and renewable energy we would like to entice all visitors to come and 'prove us wrong' (cf. Ghent University campaign) by engaging in a conversation with us on our low-carbon technology projects. We welcome your input!