Europe’s Vision for the Energy System of the Future

European Technology & Innovation Platforms (ETIPs) have been created by the European Commission in the framework of the new Integrated Roadmap Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan). The ETIPs bring together a multitude of stakeholders and experts from the energy sector, and aim at developing research and innovation agendas and roadmaps to support EU’s Energy Transition.

The ETIP Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) was established to gather and provide dedicated and overarching advice on strategic issues driving the energy sector, enabling the European countries and regions to converge on national RD&I plans for energy systems research and common funding – together with the EC - of collaborative RD&I projects. The ETIP SNET also aims at fostering knowledge-sharing and best practices at EU and Member States levels, and at sharing/discussing its Vision and Roadmap for Research and Innovation with a broad audience.

In that context, this session reflects and expands ETIP SNET’s  scope by gathering a variety of experts from the energy sector: RGI, REE, AIB, HyER, Hinicio  Eurelectric, and the Heinrich Boell Foundation. The panellists will share their Vision on how the European Energy System should evolve in the coming 30 years and how they plan to contribute to the success of EU’s Energy Transition. They will provide perspectives that vary from technical issues such as sector coupling to market focused and consumer empowerment issues related to energy certification to social and environmental challenges, and thus contribute to the definition of Europe’s Vision for the Energy System of the Future.