Fausto Batini

Dr. Fausto  BATINI graduated in Geology at the University of Florence in 1975, subsequently enriching his knowledge on geothermal with the Postgraduate Course in Geothermal Energy in 1976 at the International Institute for Geothermal Research in Pisa. From 1976 to 2008 he worked in the geothermal energy sector at ENEL covering various roles over time: he  started in the field of research and application of innovative technologies for exploration, then moved to management of operations for well logging and testing, environmental monitoring and chemical-physical analysis. Then he took the lead of Exploration Task Force managing several projects in Italy and abroad. Since  2003, he was assigned to the International Division where he held the role of Manager for Geothermal Business Development worldwide then  served as  Director in the board of Empresa Nacional de Geotermia s.a. in Chile and as Vice President of Enel Geothermal L.L.C. in North America, where he managed the geothermal program  including the construction of  two binary cycle power plants. In 2009 he joined the Centre of Excellence for Geothermal Energy in Larderello as Technical Director and served  as Coordinator of Joint Program on Geothermal of Energy launched by European Energy Research Alliance in the framework of EU  Strategic Energy Technology Plan. Since May 2010 he serves as Managing Director of Magma Energy s.r.l. Italy, which is  member of “Geothermal Network (Rete Geotermica)” in Italy, a group of companies developing the advanced generation of geothermal power in Italy.


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