Fresh tactics in the Western Balkans for activating energy efficiency investments in the residential sector

What have we achieved, and what lessons have we learnt, in the last 5 years? What constitutes a good model for enabling sustainable investments in the residential sector? How can banks better influence the green economy transition? How can we overcome the technology challenge and create a market for energy efficiency financing?

With significant support from DG NEAR through the Regional Energy Efficiency Programmes, the EBRD delivers energy efficiency investments across the Western Balkans by stimulating access to intermediated financing while blending in technical guidance and policy advice.

This session will introduce the challenges associated with financing energy efficiency investments and take a deep-dive into opportunities for financing the residential sector. After sharing the perspective of local banks, the session will describe some of the fresh approaches being used to help create new market opportunities and stimulate investment.


Deputy Project Coordinator for Albania and Kosovo, GEFF Western Balkans
Associate, Policy Products
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Technical Expert for Bosnia and Herzegovina, GEFF Western Balkans
Deputy Director General
Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR)
Associate Director, Head of EU Green Finance & Country Analytics
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Principal, GEFF
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development