Fusion: Clean, Safe, Unlimited Energy for the Future

Fusion energy has the potential to play a significant role in the sustainable energy mix in the decades to come. The fuels required are widely available and virtually inexhaustible, they do not produce greenhouse gas emissions or long-lasting radioactive waste and fusion reactors are intrinsically safe with no risk of a chain reaction and should be capable of generating large amounts of electricity.

The objective of the seminar is to introduce fusion energy and place it on the sustainable energy agenda as a future energy source. The seminar will be moderated by ‘Fusion for Energy’, the "European Joint Undertaking for ITER and The Development of Fusion Energy", which is the EU agency responsible for providing the European contribution to the ITER project, as well as for making fusion a reality.

The seminar is addressed to policy-makers, both at European and national or regional and local level, industry and research organisations, as well as civil society and the media.

The seminar is based on expert presentations focusing on the scientific, technological and industrial aspects of fusion with the view to providing a global picture of the potential of fusion and the current state of-the-art, including progress on the ITER project, the world's largest international collaboration in the area of energy.

It will allow for interaction with the audience in the form of Q&A with the speakers


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Fusion for Energy
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Fusion for Energy
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