GOFLEX local flexibility market


The GOFLEX project developed a marketplace for distributed flexibility in energy systems with selectable cloud-based services and a unique way of collecting available flexibilities which are traded as Flex-Offers. A modular system with automated dynamic pricing fits the needs of all market actors who want to smartly use, provide or trade flexibility as a service. Every Flex-Offer collected can be set up exactly depending on the owner’s needs, e.g. energy aspects, times, repeats, etc. Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms aggregate small offers to relevant market size and disaggregate them to specific switching commands once they are activated.

The bottom-up approach with customers offering their flexibility on a local market has many advantages for the whole energy system as well as for buyer and seller:

  • The network load of the TSO is reduced.
  • Costs for balancing energy are reduced.
  • DSOs as especially relevant stakeholders for GOFLEX can use flexibilities for congestion avoidance and balancing of the local grid.
  • The energy system has a non-discriminatory solution process instead of curtailment.
  • New customer needs like e-mobility, storages or local energy communities can easily be integrated.