Going CO2 negative through CCUS: current solutions and future perspectives

In order to achieve the Paris Agreement goal of keeping the temperature rise well below 2° Celsius, CO2 will have to be taken out of the atmosphere. Several methods are available, including CCUS that, despite scepticism is likely to be a necessity.

The event will show the readiness of technologies for CCUS, the imperative need for financing of demonstration projects as well as other options for decarbonisation, including BECCS and other integrated approaches with renewable energy.

The panel discussion will inform stakeholders and civil society about the feasibility of CCUS, bringing together a multitude of perspectives and experience on the issue. Negative emissions solutions will enable the EU to realise a low-carbon society for its citizens as well as decarbonise a variety of sectors in a cross-sectoral synergy.


Secretary General
Energy Technologies Europe
Product Manager, Plant Optimisation
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH
Business Developer, Low Carbon Solutions
Professor for Solar Economy
Lappeenranta University of Technology
Head of Energy and Environment
Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
Deputy Head of Mission
Mission of Canada to the EU
Energy Watch Group