Guri Bugge

Guri Bugge's background as a palaeontologist, gives her a broad understanding of the consequences of climate change. She has worked with regional and local sustainable energy and climate action plans since 2011 in different parts of Norway, and in different EU projects, both in the development and implementation phases. After noticing the number of local SECAPs safely tucked into drawers, she is a passionate proponent of making plans that are well anchored throughout the community, easy to communicate, and easy to use.

The PentaHelix project’s unique approach to SECAPs aims at anchoring local and regional climate actions throughout the community. The project’s guidelines to climate communication, and to how to interact with the five pillars of the pentahelix through the taskfoce approach, can be of good use to other municipalities that are considering making or updating their SECAPs. The project also provides a climate forum where illustrations, texts, and other materials can be openly shared.


Résidence Palace Wednesday 19 June11.00 - 12.30