H2020 projects SOGNO & RESERVE: Securing the smart grid for up to 100% RES


Securing grid stability has become an increasing challenge for European grid operators due to a growing share of volatile renewable energy sources and a more decentralised electricity production. Modern grids are increasingly complex and they are turning into cyber-physical infrastructures with a growing importance of ICT for their management. Grid operators require improved insight into the performance of their networks and the ability to remotely control and optimise it.  

Our projects tackle these challenges with the following approaches:

The RESERVE project develops novel research concepts for voltage and frequency control and new techniques and solutions based on the 5G mobile technology. They are implemented through an innovative pan-European real-time simulation infrastructure and validated in a field trial. The results are used for the definition of regulatory aspects concerning new network codes and ancillary services to be suggested to the relevant stakeholders and standard developing organizations.

The SOGNO project provides real-time insight for DSOs into the operation of their grids combining hardware, software solutions and research activities on different areas, such as advanced deep learning, 5G communication and cloud virtualisation. It offers five turnkey cloud services:

  • State estimation
  • Power control
  • Load and generation forecasting
  • Power quality evaluation
  • Fault location, isolation and service restoration (FLISR)