Healthy Mind - Healthy Planet


Brahma Kumarisis contributing to goals 7, 13,16 and aims to hold an exhibition, highlighting the inner dimension of consciousness and attitude behind decision and lifestyles which have created today’s environmental crisis. This offers an understanding that our way of thinking creates the world around us. Each choice we make has a consequence on ourselves, on others and the world.

A good example is the transition towards renewable energies. Since more than 20 years the Brahma Kumaris (together with World Renewal Spiritual Trust) have carried out research and demonstration to demonstrate the viability of clean energy. We like to mention here specially “India One“, a 1 Mw solar power station built featuring innovative thermal storage for continuous operation.

Brahma Kumaris will display posters on Consciousness, Renewable Energy projects in India and the “10 ways to change the World”.

Sustainable Lifestyle – Creative choices for the common good

Vegetarian Diet –  Healthier people & planet

Meditation – Inner clarity for sustainable solutions & peaceful living