Heat Pump Innovation Center

In the Heat Pump Innovation Center we are going to showcase the solutions developed by three successful Horizon 2020 projects: DryFiciency, Heat4Cool and SunHorizon.

Our projects provide several solutions to decarbonise the residential and industrial sectors by combining heat pump with solar thermal, PV, thermal storage, PCM storage and other technologies. We aim at displaying different applications and possible solutions on how to decarbonise the heating and cooling sectors in Europe by using combined RES and innovative IT tools. 

At the stand, we will disseminate information about the projects with the help of marketing material, videos,  and we will present models of the different technologies applied in the three projects. 
An interactive session will be organised, in which screens will be used to interact with the audience by creating polls and asking questions with regards to energy and environmental topics.  


More info about the projects:

DryFiciency applies high temperature heat pumps in industrial processes solutions for upgrading idle waste heat streams to process heat streams at higher temperature levels up to 160 °C. The waste heat recovery expected to: save up to 80% of energy in industrial drying processes, reduce CO2 emissions up to 75% and reduce cost of production up to 20%/kg product. 

In the Heat4Cool project we are using innovative technologies combined with smart tools who can direct the consumer to the perfect heating and cooling solution which will fully satisfy his comfort, this is possible by installed sensors which collect data from the consumers’ behaviour.  

SunHorizon is a brand new project which applies heat pumps and building integrated solar solution towards performance increasing, cost reduction (optimized size, installation cost reduction etc.), increased reliability (lifetime and reduced maintenance). The system can provide heating and cooling to residential and tertiary building with lower emissions, energy bills and fossil fuel dependency. A cloud-based functional monitoring platform will be realised in the project to be the “performance data mine” for the development of Data Driven/KPI oriented optimized algorithms and tools for predictive maintenance, optimize the management towards maximisation of solar exploitation and give to the manufacturer inputs for new installation design.